5 user-friendly facts which make smobilpay the most convenient for use by consumers to pay electricity utility bills provided by Eneo Cameroon SA.

Power supply companies in Sub-Saharan African countries like Cameroon face lots of challenges in collecting electricity bills. This is due to insufficient investment in bill payment facilities as a result of growing demands. This throws light on why we still have daily queue-up at Eneo bill payment centres when bills are issued.

Technology, specifically Mobile Applications, have come to solve some of these challenges faced by consumers, including Queues at the service centres.

This is coming at a time when social distancing is highly encouraged due to a hike in Covid-19 cases.

As the mobile revolution gains traction in Cameroon, the industry harnesses technology to facilitate payment by consumers for electricity supply. 

This innovation has seen the birth of ineffective billing collections, as end-users now have to worry about bills returning as unpaid, no receipts from mobile operators and increased penalties because some mobile applications do not synchronize with Eneo systems.

The thrill!

Maviance PLC the leading Cameroonian Fintech company has been critical in confronting these challenges via its mobile and web application-smobilpay

smobilpay mobile app image

smobilpay mobile app image

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The Smobilpay App created new and better means of affordable, reliable, fast and secured ways to reach the underserved end-consumers of electricity utility in Cameroon. The App ensures the inclusion of the most vulnerable rural populations as it is tailored to solve the problems on the ground.

Eneo bill payment by smobilpay

Let’s take a look at some of the intelligible facts about the smobilpay App.

Paid bills do not return as unpaid bills.

smobilpay is 100% approved and all bills sync directly with the Eneo system. When the system of mobile operators does not integrate properly with Eneo, consumer bills will not sync with the Eneo system. Bills will come the following month as unpaid and consumers will have to pay plus penalties. 

Issuing of payment receipts

 Customers are issued receipts bearing the smobilpay logo, alongside the name and contact of the agent. Customers benefit from the convenience of calling an agent to pay from the comfort of their homes. This is perfect at a time like this when the spread of COVID-19 is skyrocketing in Cameroon.

Instant notification

Once every bill payment process is completed, the end-user receives an instant notification via SMS and email.


The name of the customer is visible once a search is carried out using the smobilpay App, as it is in the Eneo system.

Access to customers’

Using the contract number on smobilpay, the customer has the possibility of seeing and paying unseen bills including penalties.

What is Smobilpay?

Smobilpay is a web and mobile application used by customers to purchase services and pay bills at the location of their choice.

 It has grown to become a digital one-stop-shop, used by third-party agents (banks, microfinance, supermarkets, kiosks, and other businesses) to sell services such as Bill Payment, Airtime, Pay TV-subscription, Mobile Money top-up, and withdrawals, etc.

This platform boasts of being a major partner with giant service providers in Cameroon including ENEO(Prepaid and Postpaid), CamWater, MTN, Orange, Yoomee, Canal+, and more.

Try smobilpay today and you will be surprised at how convenient it is in bill payment.