We are a digital financial service provider and technology consulting company. We offer value-added services as well as industry-specific web and mobile solutions for financial institutions, businesses and governments.

Who we are

Maviance specialises in domestic and cross-border payments, and our digital payment platforms offer complete end-to-end digital financial services including bill payment services, mobile & web e-commerce payments, corporate bulk payments, recurring bulk collections and agent banking services. Our solutions enable transactions for B2B, B2C, C2B, B2G and G2C For more information, please visit our website – www.maviance.com

Our Services

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The realtime platform for cross-border bill payments directly

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Our payments infrastructure connects directly to local utility companies and mobile money across the globe. This enables Millions of migrants to pay for bills, products and services for their families worldwide in real-time and safely at low costs.
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First-Class Digital Payment Hub for bill payment

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This unique turnkey mobile and web solution is designed for third-party electronic bill payment, mobile agent banking and bulk payment collection, supporting multiple service providers.

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An online payment aggregation for community based funding

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E-nkap is a payment aggregator that enables Cameroonians to buy and sell on the internet using all existing local payment methods. Ranging from MTN Mobile money, Orange Money, Smobilpay, Cash payment or payments by debit or credit cards. It’s simple and unique API enables local businesses to securely and rapidly transact online.

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A smart billing solution for easy bill management & payments

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is a digital counting application that easily adapts to any existing equipment and allows rapid reading of meters. Its offline mode permits agents to collect offline data and synchronise later. I t uses a barcode system and allows the digital collection of data via several methods (QR and OCR) with its GPS system, it ensures that agents collect consumption data on the field.

Our Philosophy!

Successful companies smartly combine IT and business. Thus we provide holistic IT solutions using our deep understanding of business processes combined with surgical delivery of IT implementation projects.

Our Motivation!

We challenge ourselves to add measurable and demonstrable value for our clients each day. Challenging projects of our clients ignite our creative, problem solving “geist” and our enthusiasm.

Making digital transformation happen.