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Biller is any service provider who has a service to commercialise to the general public (examples of Billers are ENEO, Canal+, Camwater, MTN, Orange, Transportation companies, etc). These billers can easily distribute their services and products to the general public by making them available on the Smobilpay platform and instantly gain access to 2000+ trained and certified Smobilpay agents to commercialize services.

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Seamless Payments

Let your clients pay their bills for using your services seamless at the comfort of their homes or offices without having to stand in long queues at your business centers. 

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Stay productive with collecting revenue from your services with a simplified billing solution.

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Our solution easily integrates in to your existing revenue collection solution.

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World-Class Productivity

Let our agents handle the tedious work of handling your clients, ensuring you stay productive and meet your quarterly goals 

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Fast & Easy Work

Save time managing several clients, let SmobilPay do that for you.

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Easy Reporting

Get instant reporting on collection done through our platform with a few clicks.

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Increase your productivity through our platform

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