maviance Cameroon PLC, a digital financial service provider, software development, and IT consultancy company, has today announced its partnership with CamCCUL (Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League), a nation-wide established player in micro-finance sector with the largest network of members in Cameroon.
Thanks to this partnership, CamCCUL field agents will explore the benefits of maviance’s groundbreaking digital remote collection solution, Smobilpay for Daily Savings, to improve efficient and transparent financial transactions in Daily Savings. Smobilpay for Daily Savings is a complete remote collection solution that uses the flexibility and availability of mobile networks to provide field agents with a full functionality needed to improve their productivity in the area of micro-finance.

Now equipped with Smobilpay for Daily Savings by maviance, the field agent simply enters how much their client saves in, prints a receipt and hands it to the client, and the records of payment are immediately reflected in the central system of the Microfinance Institution (MFI) or Credit Union – initiating an SMS confirming payment to the client. By so doing, both CamCCUL client and field agent has a clear overview and a streamlined reporting of the financial transaction. This mitigates fraud, lack of overview, delay in reporting or even double reporting and reinforces the client’s trust in services provided by CamCCUL. For office managers, it provides a secure, reliable and instantaneous way to monitor the activities of on-site field agents.

“This is really an innovative way to leverage transparency in our banking services, both for our clients and our field agents,” said Mr Awah Richard, the assistant General Manager of CamCCUL. “Because the transaction is immediately digitized, right in front of the client, it builds trust in the services we provide and saves us time and money. We are pleased with this strategic partnership with maviance. Its Smobilpay for Daily Savings is not only easy to use, but it is also a safe, low cost and efficient way to bring our financial services to the wider unbanked and underbanked population in Cameroon”

“By partnering with CamCCUL, a nation-wide leader in the field of micro-finance, we are confident that this will deliver a nudge in the right direction and set new standards for digital banking across the whole country,” explained Dr Njimona Ibrahim, the Director of Partner Relations at maviance. Thanks to the digitization of financial services, we provide businesses with innovative and convenient payment solutions that render them more efficient and promote more inclusivity in the banking sector. “


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